TV / Film / Media Boat

Skye Marine can provide TV / Film / Media Boat hire throughout Scotland for TV, film, music and PR companies.

Our TV / Film / Media Boat service includes qualified & experience crew, who are professional and discreet and who’ll be able to discuss your exact requirements with you on the ground. All safety and communications equipment will be provided with the boat for all persons on-board.

We can provide sonar and diving survey support to help identify potential underwater hazards for your risk assessments, and our drop-down bow and shallow draught means we have the ability to get close to the action, provide shore landings in very remote locations and even capture underwater imagery using our ROV/underwater drone.

For projects where there is risk of spillage into the water (fuel, oil, debris) we always have at our disposal absorbent spill containment booms which can be deployed rapidly from our safety boat in order to help our clients comply with their environmental protection obligations.

With excellent deck space and platform stability, combined with a comprehensive inventory of safety, navigation, communications and environmental protection equipment you can have confidence when choosing Skye Marine.

For complex projects on, over or next to water, Skye Marine can mobilise a team of marine specialists to ensure your project is planned and resourced correctly and therefore delivered on time, on budget and safely - wherever your project is located in Scotland.

In addition to providing boat services, we have access to a very wide range of other marine and land-based resources and locations, as well as extras (people, animals, boats, etc.) so please Contact Us to discuss the full range of support we can provide for your project.


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