Survey / Inspection / Work Boat

Skye Marine Limited’s survey, inspection and work boat services provide water-based access for many different projects.

Construction, engineering, surveying, environmental and conservation staff undertaking surveying and inspection work, for example for bridges, dams, loch gates, ships, other marine structures and infrastructure, water / sedimentation sampling and wildlife monitoring.

Our work boat is road transportable and therefore ideal for accessing coastal and inland waterways throughout Scotland.

Below is a sample list of sectors for which support is provided:

We have MCA qualified and experienced commercial skippers and crew, we are fully insured (incl. £3m public liability) and we are certified by the relevant authorities for our scope of operation.

For projects where there is risk of spillage into the water (fuel, oil, debris) we always have at our disposal absorbent spill containment booms which can be deployed rapidly from our safety boat in order to help our clients comply with their environmental protection obligations.

With a comprehensive inventory of safety, navigation, communications and environmental protection equipment you can have confidence when choosing Skye Marine.

Our workboat provides a very stable platform from where engineers can undertake their work safely and with the support of an experienced skipper and crew.

With use of our high-definition sonar equipment (down-scan and side-scan) as well as our ROV / Underwater Drone with high-definition imagery and image/video capture and sharing, Skye Marine is able to provide comprehensive support for inspection and survey work.